Not just Holistic, but how to use E: All of the Above!

I made this blog because I did tons of research on success stories and research worldwide and used it on my dog with nasal cancer named Lucy. So, now my hobby is molecular biology. The treatment uses combination of health store supplements, some prescription meds, diet changes, and specific Ayurvedic and Chinese medicinal herbs. I just wanted her to have a better quality of life. I thought this combination of E: All the Above (except no radiation or chemo and surgery for this cancer was not an option) would help that for sure, but it actually put her bleeding nasal cancer in remission!
My approach to cancer is about treating the whole animals biologic system. But I do hate the word 'Holistic'. Sounds like hoo hoo. This is science based, research based data and results of using active herbal compounds that happen to be readily available and common. Some call it Nutriceuticals. Others may call it Orthomolecular cancer therapy. Or Cancer Immunotherapy.
-Slow cancer cell reproduction
-Make cancer cells become easier targets for the immune system
-Kill the cancer cells
-Rid the cancer cells
-Remove the toxins it produces
- Stimulate and Modulate the immune system
-Control secondary symptoms like bleeding, infection, inflammation, mucous, appetite, or pain for a better feeling animal
-Working with your vet for exams and prescriptions that are sometimes needed when conditions are acute.
Just by using a multi-modal treatment approach that is as diverse in attack as possible. Both conventional and natural.
The body conditions that allowed it to develop in the first place must be corrected. If caught early enough, like with Lucy, this ongoing maintenance correctional treatment is all that was required at this point to achieve, so far, more than 10 TIMES the life expectancy given (more than 60 months) after diagnosis WITH remission. I did not use radiation or chemotherapy or surgery.
I hope this cancer research can help your dog as well.

My Lucy

My Lucy
In Loving Memory my Lucy December 2016
CURRENT STATUS - It was for more than 5 YEARS after Lucy was diagnosed by biopsy in March 2011 with nasal cancer that she lived. And she was in remission for 4 of 5 years using no radiation or chemo! Now multiply that by 7 to be 35 years extended!! She was 12.5 years old - equivalent to almost 90 human years old. She ended her watch December 1, 2016. I miss her so much.

October 30, 2013

Questions October 16

A reader writes in:  
 *my responses are in italics
Anyways, about a month ago my dog started sneezing and seemingly had a "stuffy" nose...then the slightest tinges of blood were noticed.
We were prescribed Clindamyacin for "infection" .... Doxy (abt a month ago) was going for about $300-$500.
But we were back a the vet less than a week later when there was more frequent nose trickling of blood. Our holistic veterinarian, Dr. Alex did an xray and found a 2-3 in long tumor in his nose/snout and two spots on his lungs (which "could" possibly be "scarring" from a prev. infection/but she wrote Metasis)... She did not biopsy the nasal tumor...she said it would bleed worse.
Yeh, it would bleed alot. Lucy bled alot.

I did purchase every supplement you recommended on the list you use for Lucy.....I purchased them before the Dr. gave me her list of supplements. I really have to search each item she listed, and compare "ingredients" to the supplements I already have.
Start slow with the pills or the dog will get pill aversion.... it's alot of pills....

This is what I am doing so far:

AM between 7-8:30 a.m.
*a small cup of Wellness Core Grain Free (but now I am rethinking that because of the carbs in it (Potato)
I wouldn't worry too much as long as you are adding the extra protein and fats and it's grain free and quality.
*and to that I will add /warm up any leftover doggie food I made fresh from the night before and/or a few eggs each (cooked low temp and lightly, I make sure to cook the egg white but leave the yolk, yolky)
*To that meal I add fish gel caps (pierced and squeeze onto food) 3 gelcaps
You can get the liquid salmon oil and trader joes pretty cheap and it's really good for them with that red color.
*my dog gets nearly all the supplements you listed except ones I have questions about listed below and his SCRIPTS: he is now on DOXY the price dropped and his Florinef

QUESTION: Do you give the Collodial Silver everyday or only as needed, I have not added that yet?
I added the colloidal when I think there might be a chance of infection like after a bleed. I do it for about 2 weeks. A few sprays into each bowl. In the very beginning with lots on bleeding and infections I did give for almost 2 months straight.

QUESTION/THOUGHTS: Oregon-Grape Root: Vet said not to use, not sure why, too much info was laid on me to internalize, but I am typing up questions for her as well.
*Your thoughts as to why she may have said that.
I have no idea actually. Many holisitic vets use Bloodroot or the patented 'formula' of Neoplasene . But they all have nasty side effects on the stomach. I found that the final useful active component was Berberine in those substances. Oregon Grape Root has that and Berberine from that does not have the side effects. Lucy has this right from beginning every single day still.

THOUGHTS: She also said that too many supplements may only work 1/2 strength or that they interrupt each other (similar supplements may be doing the same thing and not work correctly/fully....something along those lines.............What are your thoughts?
I don't fully believe that myself. Each active substance is different in it's specific actions even though applications may be along similar lines. Plant compounds are complex. Each will work on the body in different ways. During all my research I never found something that would counteract each other in what I am giving - As long as you give in the the meals times that I listed. That's why I listed things in each meal. Yes, timing is everything. So she is somewhat right if you don't give a thought to timing the supplements. Half strength is better than no strength of a specific substance and how it works on the body. The body is complex. The way you play with it has to be complex, yup. Diversity is key, as well as timing.

She also said not to use the Yunnan Bai Yao Yet, but I just started it this morning.
Why not? It works differently than everything else. The dog has bleeds. Those bleeds must get slowed down or it will be infection after infection and the ensuing swelling and inflammation and mucous battle. Even if you just changed the diet and gave Yun Nan alone, it can really help the dog. I have seen this over and over. Yun Nan helps a little with pain and swelling and infection a little as well. It is not a 'blood clotter'. It simply help the body increase the fibrin so that IF there is a bleed it can clot it faster. Fibrin is an important clotting factor that the body makes that needs to be available. Each time the tumor grow a little it breaks some the feeder blood vessels. Bleeding must be helped stat. I had Lucy Yun Yan 4 months straight in the beginning. (it was at 3 months bleeding never occurred anymore but I couldn't believe it. It takes Yun Nan time to work and the bleeding will get less and less bad. ) It really sucks that it has gotten so expensive and harder to find in the last year.

I have EVERYTHING except the Stasis Breaker, I was waiting for the vet's office to call so I can have their chinese herbalist/acupuncture vet doctor order this for me ASAP!!!

The Wei Qi BOOSTER also will be ordered with above, this Wei Qi Booster isn't too much in light of her concerns?
When you give Stasis Breaker (a tumor buster chinese herbal set) you should give the Wei Qi (an immune booster). It should go together. Many holistic vets just change diet, give Yun Nan and give the Stasis and Wei Qi and nothing else. I chose to research further and kitchen sink the results of what every cancer dog in the world was given with some success. My dog has cancer. I couldn't just stop at what almost works pretty well. I wanted it all.

I know you may say go along with your vets advice but I was just wondering your thoughts. :)
Regular vets are not 'into' cancer. Oncologists are, but only talk about radiation and chemo. Holistic vets know more about what I am talking about, but many most feel that all the dog needs is what I mentioned above and that is enough. They know about some herbs. But I spent HUGE amounts of data analysis on specifically cancer stuff. Not how to treat allergies or whatever. I just know about well, what's on my blog. It worked for Lucy so I thought I really ought to share it. Vets are not caring about what I say. It's one dog they say. Well, it's my dog and she got better not stayed same even. And geez it's what since April 2010 since diagnosis with a biopsy. I hope I don't sound arrogant. I just see dogs die all the time when I am reading all the blogs about 'Rovers Cancer Blog'. They hardly ever end well. And the vets, oncologists, and even holistic vets I felt were not really focusing enough. Those blogs are so sad. But I have to keep reading them to find one that seems like it has some better outcome and investigate. Your dog may or may not do the same as Lucy but many dogs did. I am not a vet. And legally I can't offer any medical advice. I have to work within the boundries of facts that I can share and hope I made a difference with a treating vet that would feel that using a kitchen sink is fine because fer crying out loud the dog has cancer....

Here is my dogs PM meal:

PM Meal: between 4:30-6:30
I will cook either ground beef, ground chicken, ground turkey (lightly/med low temp)
mostly I brown the meat in a pan after first sauteing in a little butter some of the veg: either
spinach, collard greens, or dandelion greens, then either some broccoli, brussels, and zucchini, and/or yellow squash, and celery, .....I am very careful about carrots, potatoes, peas, green beans....I
Sometimes instead of sauteing veg and browning meat...I will do a "stew" and food process it up.
Cooked on low temp and low water content to preserve nutrients, hopefully.
Will look up other recipes for doggie food but this is the basics for now.

Sounds great. You do more work than I do.
and then I add all supplements plus the DOXY, and Florinef

Evening Snack I try to do this a few hours after the PM MEAL (is that correct?)
Well the Naltrexone and Artemisinin needs to be a few hours after PM yes.

My dog was doing very well the first few days on the Cottage Cheese and Flaxseed Oil
3 Tablespoons to 3 Tablespoons, I was going to slowly increase dose to 6 Tablespoons, Flaxseed Oil is a bit pricey, small bottle is $12, large bottle is $40+ ...but Bear is worth it, it is just a bit disheartening when I mix it up and he will not eat it.
I have been using plain old Cottage Cheese, small curd, Hood Brand....mixed with equal parts Flaxseed Oil, Barleans Organic (sp?) the one you recommended....
I have been finding that some dogs don't seem to like the Flaxseed Oil. I guess alternate olive oil and maybe he won't have aversion. That Budwig stuff has science behind with Flaxseed oil but I never did blend it like you are supposed to do. I just fork mixed. Give less Flax oil. Just a little gravy of it. The fish oil during the day is more important. But start slow and work up. Or dog will get tummy issues.

with ALL the evening supplements plus the LDN

*We just started the LDN 3 days ago

Well he doesn't like the LDN directly into his mouth, I don't dare mix it in his snack as he isn't eating it, and I swear he can smell it coming even hid in a scoop of his leftover doggie food.
Yes I had to resort to giving him his evening supplements in his homemade dog food as he will not eat the other.

That's kinda Ok. But you cannot give the Artemisin at all with iron/meat. It won't work then.
So I must try an Organic Variety of Cottage Cheese with Pineapple or add a lil pineapple.
Yes, it takes the bitterness away of the LDN.
I think it is the Flaxseed Oil he doesn't like or can smell, he runs and hides in the closet, lol, head first and grumbles at me if I persist.....a few times a lil bit of canned sardines on it did the trick, then all i had was tuna one night...........not sure if any of this is acceptable but I was desperate.......but I will start over with the pineapple flavor...........ALL SUGGESTIONS/THOUGHTS WELCOMED

Oh another big QUESTION I have concerns dosage, most are all 1 you think that is enough for a dog Bear's size 120#

Lucy is 85# man you would think you would need to double but I don't know. It's such a boatload of pills already. Dog will get pill aversion for sure. I think it's the diversity not the amount is what's important.
and do you open the capsules or only with the Eve. Snack?
I only open the snack caps. I don't know why I did that. I guess I thought the snack is such a small amount she would feel those pills in it for sure. No kibble in the mouthfeel to fool...

And the vet notes say to use the ARTEMISININ 2 Caps (2 times a day)
but I liked your thoughts of on 1 week then off with the Melatonin Eve. Snack time
Yes, your dog would need 2 caps for sure according to other published doses. But it simply cannot be given with meat/iron food. It competes. And must be a few hours from it. If you can work that in schedule so be it.

October 28, 2013

Question about cottage cheese n flaxseed oil

Question about cottage cheese n flaxseed dog ate it the first week now refuses it, do you have any suggestions as to what can I add to it to entice him to eat it without compromising the effectiveness?

I use the pineapple cottage cheese. It seems to make the pills and stuff that gets added not so bitter and adds a fruity smell. What stuff are you adding exactly and what form and brand? Plus, has the dog changed any eating habits for his AM and dinner, eating that ok? Have you made any changes at all to any of the meals or snacks during the last week?

October 25, 2013

What do you use to mask the smell/flavor of supplements?

What do you use to mask the smell/flavor of supplements?
Texture - need some kibble in it to fool the mouthfeel of pills
Aroma - little garlic powder, parmesean cheese, italian seasoning
Taste - rotate meats and the aroma stuff above adds flavor, rotate olive oil with coconut oil.
Tempurature- dogs respond to body temp food. I add some warm water to bring out aroma and flavors, plus dogs are predatory carnivores and need kill temps for best eating stimulation.
Some dogs have aversions and preferences to keep trying combos and keeping log. Don't put too many pills in right off, just keep adding over a few weeks so dog doesn't hate the meal and randomly give a day or a meal break from pills so dog does not get food aversion.
Veggies, they help the tastes and aromas as well. Lucy gets either canned carrots, green beans, chopped canned spinach, a bit blueberries, sometimes raw carrots which if your dogs mouth is ok, will help clean teeth and freshen breath.