Not just Holistic, but how to use E: All of the Above!

I made this blog because I did tons of research on success stories and research worldwide and used it on my dog with nasal cancer named Lucy. So, now my hobby is molecular biology. The treatment uses combination of health store supplements, some prescription meds, diet changes, and specific Ayurvedic and Chinese medicinal herbs. I just wanted her to have a better quality of life. I thought this combination of E: All the Above (except no radiation or chemo and surgery for this cancer was not an option) would help that for sure, but it actually put her bleeding nasal cancer in remission!
My approach to cancer is about treating the whole animals biologic system. But I do hate the word 'Holistic'. Sounds like hoo hoo. This is science based, research based data and results of using active herbal compounds that happen to be readily available and common. Some call it Nutriceuticals. Others may call it Orthomolecular cancer therapy. Or Cancer Immunotherapy.
-Slow cancer cell reproduction
-Make cancer cells become easier targets for the immune system
-Kill the cancer cells
-Rid the cancer cells
-Remove the toxins it produces
- Stimulate and Modulate the immune system
-Control secondary symptoms like bleeding, infection, inflammation, mucous, appetite, or pain for a better feeling animal
-Working with your vet for exams and prescriptions that are sometimes needed when conditions are acute.
Just by using a multi-modal treatment approach that is as diverse in attack as possible. Both conventional and natural.
The body conditions that allowed it to develop in the first place must be corrected. If caught early enough, like with Lucy, this ongoing maintenance correctional treatment is all that was required at this point to achieve, so far, more than 10 TIMES the life expectancy given (more than 60 months) after diagnosis WITH remission. I did not use radiation or chemotherapy or surgery.
I hope this cancer research can help your dog as well.

My Lucy

My Lucy
In Loving Memory my Lucy December 2016
CURRENT STATUS - It was for more than 5 YEARS after Lucy was diagnosed by biopsy in March 2011 with nasal cancer that she lived. And she was in remission for 4 of 5 years using no radiation or chemo! Now multiply that by 7 to be 35 years extended!! She was 12.5 years old - equivalent to almost 90 human years old. She ended her watch December 1, 2016. I miss her so much.

April 1, 2012

Are Dogs Carnivores or Omnivores and How does this effect Cancer Treatment

While it is true that wolves are predominantly carnivorous, they are omnivorous, opportunistic feeders. They eat what they can get, be it plant, bug, or animal. They are an ancient species that has developed a wide range of survival skills, this includes a variable diet.  Which would include hoofed animals, beaver, squirrel, rat, fish, bird, bugs, and yes berries and other fruits can all be found on the wolves dinner plate. So it is in their genes to be able to eat some of this non meat stuff ok. And maybe they find it nutritionally useful. And tasty...
Coyotes will eat voles, prairie dogs, eastern cottontails, ground squirrels and mice. They also eat small birds, snakes, lizards, deer, javelina(A kind of hog), cattle and small insects. Coyotes also eat some fruits, nuts, and vegetables during autumn and winter months.

Wolves and coyotes do enjoy berries, fruit drops, nuts, and other plants and all carnivores apparently eat grass at times (possibly for medicinal value, though scientists aren't sure). This doesn't mean that wolves or coyotes are "optimally" designed to eat plants as "healthy" staple foods. But they are eating them regardless for some reason.

What does this mean. Hmmm. Well, animals know what they want to eat or should eat at any given time. Unless starving and will eat just about anything. Since they do appear to eat a little fruit, berries, or grass, they must want it and can use it for nutrition. So, fresh real foods of mostly meat protein/fat and some veggies or a little fruit is probably what they do need optimally. And have done so for millenia, so they must be adapted genetically to that diet. So since these fruits, grasses, vegetables, and berries have high nutrition and health potential, it would be, well, healthy to give it to them. Seems like.  Kewl video huh.