Not just Holistic, but how to use E: All of the Above!

I made this blog because I did tons of research on success stories and research worldwide and used it on my dog with nasal cancer named Lucy. So, now my hobby is molecular biology. The treatment uses combination of health store supplements, some prescription meds, diet changes, and specific Ayurvedic and Chinese medicinal herbs. I just wanted her to have a better quality of life. I thought this combination of E: All the Above (except no radiation or chemo and surgery for this cancer was not an option) would help that for sure, but it actually put her bleeding nasal cancer in remission!
My approach to cancer is about treating the whole animals biologic system. But I do hate the word 'Holistic'. Sounds like hoo hoo. This is science based, research based data and results of using active herbal compounds that happen to be readily available and common. Some call it Nutriceuticals. Others may call it Orthomolecular cancer therapy. Or Cancer Immunotherapy.
-Slow cancer cell reproduction
-Make cancer cells become easier targets for the immune system
-Kill the cancer cells
-Rid the cancer cells
-Remove the toxins it produces
- Stimulate and Modulate the immune system
-Control secondary symptoms like bleeding, infection, inflammation, mucous, appetite, or pain for a better feeling animal
-Working with your vet for exams and prescriptions that are sometimes needed when conditions are acute.
Just by using a multi-modal treatment approach that is as diverse in attack as possible. Both conventional and natural.
The body conditions that allowed it to develop in the first place must be corrected. If caught early enough, like with Lucy, this ongoing maintenance correctional treatment is all that was required at this point to achieve, so far, more than 10 TIMES the life expectancy given (more than 60 months) after diagnosis WITH remission. I did not use radiation or chemotherapy or surgery.
I hope this cancer research can help your dog as well.

My Lucy

My Lucy
In Loving Memory my Lucy December 2016
CURRENT STATUS - It was for more than 5 YEARS after Lucy was diagnosed by biopsy in March 2011 with nasal cancer that she lived. And she was in remission for 4 of 5 years using no radiation or chemo! Now multiply that by 7 to be 35 years extended!! She was 12.5 years old - equivalent to almost 90 human years old. She ended her watch December 1, 2016. I miss her so much.

December 21, 2012

aurum metallicum - gold for cancer treatment?

During the 12th century, the Arabian medical practitioners valued gold highly for treating disorders of the heart. However, after its use by Arabian physicians, gold was not used medicinally till the early part of the 20th century when it was used for curing ailments, such as tuberculosis, and in blood examination for determining the sexually transmitted disease (STD) syphilis. Nowadays, gold is used in conventional medicine to treat rheumatoid arthritis as well as in treating cancer (I need to check this statement data). In effect, homeopathic physicians prescribe aurum met. for people who endure precise clinical complaints that may vary from depression to heart ailments.

In fact, even today physicians of different alternative forms of medicine consider metallic gold to possess healing attributes. In addition, a number of gold salts do possess anti-inflammatory attributes and are used in pharmaceuticals to treat arthritis and other analogous health conditions. Nevertheless, only the salts and radioisotopes of gold have been found to be of pharmaceutical value, since elemental or metallic gold is inactive to all chemicals that it comes across within the body.

I know..... wierd.
But I know for sure that colloidal silver is an antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, that is non irritating.
I used to put drops of it in Lucy's water for the first few months as a systemic antibiotic. She never had an infection again once I did that.(but I did do other pills as well)
If colloidal gold is similar (that's what this stuff is but in pretty small amounts...) but I also read that gold was and still is used today in the medical field.
It enhances circulation and if it does things like silver does it could start to fall into place. But I am far from saying anything on this yet. Sometimes a bread crumb is just a bread crumb, but sometimes it leads to more and then a path to something. I love Google!
Like chinese medicine using names and things for organs that really have no control over something in the real world what we know today doesn't make it invalid. The herbs still work for the things they said. I am wary of homeopathy in general and there in generally not enough evidence in trials that it works. But dogs don't have bias or need blind testing for stuff. Man, if something worked for somebody I will look into it and try to find some science behind it.
The depression aspect of it could fit because just on my limited research on autism spectrum and bipolar disorders - zinc, magnesium, calcium, and other minerals have to be in sync and in balance and some genetic subtypes do have inferior processing of these due to bad genes. Gold might affect something possibly in that complex process.

Clinical resolution of nasal aspergillosis following therapy with a homeopathic remedy in a dog.


Wilmington Animal Hospital, Wilmington, DE, USA.


A 6 yr old, male, neutered Weimaraner was treated homeopathically for nasal aspergillosis after failing to respond to two treatments of topical (intranasal) clotrimazole and oral amoxicillin trihydrate/clavulanate potassium. Computed tomography, rhinoscopy, fungal culture, and cytology previously confirmed the diagnosis. At presentation for homeopathic treatment, the dog had aggressive left-sided sinusitis and rhinitis with destruction of nasal turbinates and severe bouts of epistaxis. Erosion and depigmentation of the nasal planum were evident. After two treatments with homeopathic aurum metallicum, resolution of clinical signs occurred and clearance of the aspergillosis organisms was documented by computed tomographic scan, rhinoscopy, and histopathology. Homeopathic aurum metallicum may be beneficial in treating cases of canine nasal aspergillosis.
[PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]
I am wondering if it might be helpful in both cases in this does something to immune system AND help symptoms/healing of nasal destruction. I have to research it lots but it's wild anyway to see something like this in NIHM.
And here is the separate case with photos

Homeopathic remedy Aurum metallicum 30c is based on symptoms of bone necrosis including facial bone necrosis, head pain, ulcerated nostrils, yellow and malodorous nasal discharge, exostosis of the facial bones, and aggravation from cold weather. (In Murphy’s Repertory, in the Bones Chapter, Bones: decay, face, inAurum is the only remedy!)
Indiana never looked back! Over the course of the next few months, with occasional redosing of the remedy and an increase to 200c potency, all of his symptoms resolved: his depression, facial pain, nasal discharge, erosion of his planum nasale (the black “nose” on the dog), and destruction of the bones in his head. After the first homeopathic prescription, Indiana began to play with other dogs, readily using his mouth for the first time in months! Over one year later, Indiana remains a normal dog, with some scarring in his left nostril as the only sign that something had been wrong with him.

So, with just gold and colostrum, this dog got better? Wild.
5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome product!!June 3, 2011
Amazon Verified Purchase
This review is from: Symbiotics Colostrum Plus Powder, 21-Ounce Jar (Health and Beauty)
This stuff has been a God-send to us. It helped our dog overcome nasal aspergillosis, and it helped me overcome my seasonal allergies. We're believers in it!  

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5.0 out of 5 stars My dog and cat both love it!, June 22, 2012
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This review is from:  Colostrum Plus
Desperate to avoid chemo therapy for my big ole boy I was turned on to this product by a friend. It enhances an aging immune system and pets will instinctively recognize the colostrum as something they need is what I read. I'm not entirely sure if that was the case or if it was because it smelled like cheese but my dog loves it. He didn't eat for days after his chemo pill that his vet swore was "safe" and would give little to no side effects...grrrr. Like I said, desperate to help him after I poisoned him with "medicine" I ordered this product. Sprinkled a couple of table spoons over his kibble and he ate it. First time in days he ate his kibble. My cat is the pickiest spoiled bratt ever and she even likes it. Then when I was feeling sick (from stress over my dog's illness)and toxic, run down, and fluish I added a tablespoon to my protein shake. It blends well and I didn't taste anything which was a relief because I swear it smells like cheese haha. I did the same thing the next morning and two days later I feel great and have more energy. The benefits from this natural product is amazing. If you google the benefits it does so much. As for my dog, I now have giant 8 year old puppy :)       

At this point I have no idea how this actually works.......  yet

"Nasal Tumor/ Carcinosin 200C

My 11 year old Bix has a nasal tumor and she is doing well. I have had a Homeopathic vet percribe Aurum Metallicum LM4, Calcarea Carbonica LM/3, and then Carcinosin every fifth day. "


Homeopathic physicians generally prescribe Aurum metallicum (Aurum met.) for individuals suffering from mental ailments, for instance depression that is accompanied by suicidal thoughts. It has been found that individuals who require this homeopathic medication are usually very susceptible to their views and opinions being challenged by others and when such situations occur, they are likely to burst into anger (Bipolar?). At the same time, their appearance turns reddish and they begin to shudder. (it is known that certain metabolic problems with minerals and balancing of neurotransmitters that use those minerals in certain genetic subtypes - hence Lithium as example)

In addition, Aurum met. is also given to augment blood circulation (this may help immune system get at harder to reach places like the nasal cavity...) that may result in blockage of blood in the head or other body parts, for instance, a headache accompanied by evident pounding in the temples.

In homeopathy, Aurum metallicum (Aurum met.) is also an effective medication for treating heart ailments. The heart ailments that are helped by this homeopathic remedy include difficulty in breathing or breathlessness, sporadic pain in the chest behind the breastbone, a sensation that the heart might stop functioning any moment, and a sensation that the blood vessels are hot. In addition, this homeopathic medication is also prescribed for people suffering from liver ailments, for instance jaundice, pain in the bones that is related to loss of bone wherein the bones are extremely susceptible to touch, and even sinus congestion.


The homeopathic remedy Aurum metallicum (Aurum met.) is prepared chemically using gold, which is found in a number of places across the globe, including South Africa, Australia, the United States and Canada.


From Glen A. - Apr-06-2011
My son had Tourrette's syndrome. (still a neurotransmitter imbalance problem) The very first remedy was aurum met. and within 4 hrs, my son was so much better, it wasn't funny. I then knew that homeopathy was going to cure him Well two yrs later my son is cured, with other remedies that followed. Streptococcus was the last remedy, to have my son cured.

So this could work on cancer AND aspergillus. Some vets even misdiagnose one or the other because they don't get a biopsy. Treatment with all my stuff and this stuff might work either case.