Not just Holistic, but how to use E: All of the Above!

I made this blog because I did tons of research on success stories and research worldwide and used it on my dog with nasal cancer named Lucy. So, now my hobby is molecular biology. The treatment uses combination of health store supplements, some prescription meds, diet changes, and specific Ayurvedic and Chinese medicinal herbs. I just wanted her to have a better quality of life. I thought this combination of E: All the Above (except no radiation or chemo and surgery for this cancer was not an option) would help that for sure, but it actually put her bleeding nasal cancer in remission!
My approach to cancer is about treating the whole animals biologic system. But I do hate the word 'Holistic'. Sounds like hoo hoo. This is science based, research based data and results of using active herbal compounds that happen to be readily available and common. Some call it Nutriceuticals. Others may call it Orthomolecular cancer therapy. Or Cancer Immunotherapy.
-Slow cancer cell reproduction
-Make cancer cells become easier targets for the immune system
-Kill the cancer cells
-Rid the cancer cells
-Remove the toxins it produces
- Stimulate and Modulate the immune system
-Control secondary symptoms like bleeding, infection, inflammation, mucous, appetite, or pain for a better feeling animal
-Working with your vet for exams and prescriptions that are sometimes needed when conditions are acute.
Just by using a multi-modal treatment approach that is as diverse in attack as possible. Both conventional and natural.
The body conditions that allowed it to develop in the first place must be corrected. If caught early enough, like with Lucy, this ongoing maintenance correctional treatment is all that was required at this point to achieve, so far, more than 10 TIMES the life expectancy given (more than 60 months) after diagnosis WITH remission. I did not use radiation or chemotherapy or surgery.
I hope this cancer research can help your dog as well.

My Lucy

My Lucy
In Loving Memory my Lucy December 2016
CURRENT STATUS - It was for more than 5 YEARS after Lucy was diagnosed by biopsy in March 2011 with nasal cancer that she lived. And she was in remission for 4 of 5 years using no radiation or chemo! Now multiply that by 7 to be 35 years extended!! She was 12.5 years old - equivalent to almost 90 human years old. She ended her watch December 1, 2016. I miss her so much.

September 22, 2014

Dog won't eat fish oil or flax oil. Alternatives?

"Hemp (Cannabis sativa L. - the SAVITA VAREITY IS NOT POT) Seed Oil: Analytical and Phytochemical Characterization of the Unsaponifiable Fraction"
Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry

A new study, which appears in ACS’ Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, details just how many healthful compounds hempseed oil contains.

Maria Angeles Fernández-Arche and colleagues note that for millennia, people around the world cultivated cannabis for textiles, medicine and food. Hemp has high levels of vitamins A, C and E and beta carotene, and it is rich in protein, carbohydrates, minerals and fiber. In the early 20th century, many countries banned cannabis because some varieties contain large amounts of the high-inducing compound THC. With increasing interest in plant oils as a source of healthful compounds, Fernández-Arche’s team wanted to investigate hempseed oil’s potential.

They did a detailed analysis of a portion of hempseed oil. They found it has a variety of interesting substances, such as sterols, aliphatic alcohols and linolenic acids, that research suggests promote good health. For example, it contains α-linolenic acid, which is an omega-3 fatty acid that some studies suggest helps prevent coronary heart disease. The findings could have implications in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food and non-food industries, they state.

Can dogs have help seed oil google search

Hemp seed oil for dogs is the best of all oils over the fish or flax seed based oils

Hemp seed oil is dubbed "Nature's most best omega oil", because of the undeniable fact that it includes the perfect ratio of Omega 6 (LA) to Omega 3 (ALA/LNA) 3:1 important fatty acids which your dog needs.

Did you know this about hemp oil?

Hemp seed oil kills cancer cells
Hemp seed oil can enhance blood circulation in brains
Hemp seed oil thicken the fur texture
Hemp seed oil will keep the skin less shedding
Hemp seed oil prevents putting out dog dandruff
Hemp oil has no psychoactive qualities there for hemp oil for dogs is safe

Hemp oil is an oil extracted coming from the hemp plant. All plants from the cannabis genus can produce hemp oil but solely industrial hemp is designed for hemp oil production. Industrial hemp is really a hemp type that has been cultivated only for industrial production, and it does not contain psychoactive substances (THC) related to the genus.

The hemp oil for dogs has numerous health advantages and the products along with the raw forms are used to supplement several important fatty acids to dog. In case dog's is lacking of any of those fatty acids there will be serious issues such as genetic mutations and cancer. Hemp seed oil kills cancer cells due the essential and non-essential fatty acids that are present in large quantities in hemp seed oil and therefore when hemp seed oil is often used by cancer patients, there is better chance of cure. Therefore administering hemp oil for dogs is extremely helpful for several factors.

The hemp oil for dogs includes numerous essential fatty acids that are extremely healthy for the dog's skin. These essential fatty acids takes care and moisturize dog's skin and fur correctly when administered in right quantities. There are a lot of oil products for dogs that have hemp oil as key ingredient. The reason being it's herbal and also has virtually no side effects like fish oils for dogs. Hemp seed oil prevents dog's skin disorders such as dry nose, dog acne, dog eczema, dog rash and dog dandruff.

There are a lot of fur health advantages of hemp oil also. Hemp seed oil products can enhance blood circulation in the top and also the mind of the dog. Hemp oil for dogs can thicken the fur texture and will keep the skin less shedding or putting out dog dandruff. Therefore hemp oil is extremely advantageous for the fur care also. Loss of fur is likewise reduced by essential fatty acids and skin infections and issues are kept away.

The oil contained inside the hemp seed is 80-90% unsaturated fatty acids (the good sort of essential fats) and just 9-11% from the less wanted saturated fatty acids. Hemp oil for dogs is known as being most unsaturated oil derived from plants. The essential fatty acids contained in hemp seed oil are needed in diet a lot more than other vitamins, yet dog's bodies don't normally manufacture all of these essential fatty acids. There fore they need to be supplemented from external sources like food and supplements for dogs. Essential fatty acids are in important role in dog's life and hemp seed oil for dogs and it's qualities are best for the job. In general, North American dogs require more essential fatty acids and omega's because foods contain more animal fats than plant based fats. If you compare hemp oil against fish or flax seed oil, this ratio and along with the supplementation itself of the hemp oil for dogs is the perfect health solution. Hemp oil for dogs contain also other polyunsaturated fatty acids in gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), oleic acid and stearidonic acid. The EFA structure is distinctive among of any edible oil seeds.

Nutrients in Hemp Oil
Hemp oil contains all of the essential amino acids, according to a 2000 article published in the "Journal of Nutraceuticals, Functional and Medicinal Foods." Essential amino acids help maintain the proteins in your body, which can prevent muscle loss. Hemp oil delivers small amounts of vitamins and minerals, including calcium, potassium, magnesium, copper, folate and vitamins B-6 and E.

Hemp was banned many many decades ago not because of its relation to pot. Industrial hemp has almost zero THC. You can smoke your brains out and get nothing. It was banned because of successful lobbying from the wood and textile industries because hemp grows much faster than wood and can produce many of the same products like paper, rope, clothing, protein powder, oil etc. It is one of the most perfect crops. Requires almost no attention from farmers, grows fast, multiple crops per year and is great for the soil when plowed under. Wild huh!

Here is info on the use of omega oils from fish in dogs 

Some dogs tolerate the extra fats quickly others get diarrhea and you have to back off and add more slowly over a 2-3 week period. Lucy used to eat the caps of fish oil tossed in bowl then she started to leave them in bowl. I had to go to health food store and buy the liquid. She took that for a long while, then wouldn't eat it in her food. So, then I bought a lemon flavor less odor salmon oil and she ate then for a long while, then wouldn't. I have had to recently go to Hemp Oil in it's place. She does eat that for now. No odor. It's actually quite helpful as good as fish oil pretty much. I got this at swansonvitamins as well cheap. I give her Hemp Oil, Flax Oil, Coconut Oil, Olive oil....

Lucy never did radiation or chemo, she only did the Tippner Protocol. The Tippner Cancer Protocol combines immunotherapy and molecular cancer therapy using off the shelf readily available inexpensive natural substances. Here is her list. She is past 3 years after diagnosis by biopsy

I buy most of the stuff from Swanson Vitamins. They are cheaper, in capsules for dosage changes, and carry almost everything I give to Lucy except for the Chinese Herbs Stasis Breaker prescription, and the Low Dose Naltrexone prescription. Here is a $5 off coupon link I found